This was the motto for the first screen print design at E-MEDIAD in December last year. But first we had to go back to school to improve our basic screen printing skills. It also required setting up a kind of darkroom in the middle of the agency and many test prints with different screen strengths (who could have guessed that thick black fabric and water-based gold ink wouldn’t do you any favors… 😉). As our first screen printing project, however, we printed, dried and fixed a total of 140 bags in a piecework process and so the bags made their way to our customers as a Christmas gift in 2018. They were delighted and we were particularly pleased with the many photos we received from Germany, Switzerland, England and Holland – of customers out and about with our bags!
We enjoyed it immensely and bought our own screen printing machine as part of the “Christmas presents 2018” project. Since then, we have also been producing individual prints in small runs on fabric, paper, cardboard and packaging on request.