Vier Erwachsene, zwei Männer und zwei Frauen, lächeln und unterhalten sich auf den Stufen vor einem Gebäude mit einem großen Fenster und einer großen Tür. Sie wirken lässig und glücklich und diskutieren möglicherweise über die User Experience Website

We are looking for you

We want to work with people who are as passionate about design, UX/UI and technology as we are. Who are also really keen to think creatively about projects from start to finish and develop them as part of a team. If that’s you, then apply to us. Because then we are already looking forward to working with you.

Part of the team

In permanent position

Before you click through to the job description, one thing is important for us to say: above all, we are looking for people who fit in with us. A check of all bullet points is not a prerequisite. Neither is a straight résumé. On the contrary, feel free to tell us about your non-specialist interests or skills in your application. They make lunch breaks, summer parties or New Year’s celebrations even nicer and often open up completely new avenues in the further development of the agency!

Permanent position

Part of the team

As a freelancer

We also sometimes use the overused term “family”. But after almost 20 years of the agency’s existence, this is almost inevitable when some team members have been with us for more than 14 years and some freelancers even longer. You usually only have good friends or family on your back for that long. In a positive sense, of course. We love this family. And we don’t want to miss the freelancers we have who enrich our projects with their expertise – we want even more of them. We are always looking for creative minds in the areas of text, moving images, photography, illustration, UX/UI, web and graphic design and on the technical side developers… frontend and backend.

Freelancer / Working student
Zwei Personen, eine mit einem Laptop, arbeiten in einer gemütlichen, stilvollen Innenumgebung mit großen Fenstern und grünen Pflanzen intensiv an einer User-Experience-Website.

Our team

Our team is everyone. Permanent employees and freelancers. Working together with all these creative people from the most diverse areas in ever-changing constellations and team sizes for the most diverse projects makes what we do together so damn exciting. You learn a lot, share knowledge, learn many new or different things and develop together. That’s exactly how we want to work and develop with everyone who is there and who joins us.

Our projects

Are exciting. With the diversity of our customers and their projects, boredom is never an option. We love working together on these exciting projects. An important part of communication at E-MEDIAD is that we regularly discuss as a team what kind of projects we all want to work on and how we want to work and communicate with our customers. Because we as a team do our best work when exactly these things fit.

Zwei Frauen, eine mit dunklem Haar, eine mit blondem Haar, beugen sich über einen Tisch und untersuchen Dokumente im Zusammenhang mit der Website-Entwicklung in Köln, die in einem hellen Büroumfeld ausgebreitet sind.
Vier Erwachsene spielen und lachen hinter einem großen Fensterrahmen, der den Eindruck erweckt, als ob sie in einem Bilderrahmen ausgestellt wären. Die Kulisse wirkt fröhlich und unbeschwert und verkörpert perfekt den kreativen Geist eines Kreat