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Some call it UX, others user or user experience, and sometimes user experience is also equated with usability – which is not entirely correct, but more on that in a moment. The fact is: We all know
. Because in our daily lives – whether online or offline – we have to deal with user experiences. Pasta packets that cannot be opened without destroying them are an example of a (unfortunately often not so good) user experience. But that’s just a side note.

Efficient, intuitive, simple
- Optimize the user experience

At E-MEDIAD, we design digital products such as websites, apps and stores rather than packaging. And even these, or better: above all these, must be frustration-free and easy to use for the user. After all, an efficient, intuitive application with a catchy structure is an essential prerequisite for users to engage with it for longer, for example to stay on a website for longer and explore it. This in turn has a positive effect on the success of the website and thus on the underlying business model.

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Four criteria for a positive user experience

But how do you achieve a good user experience in detail? Four aspects are decisive:

  1. Usability
  2. User interface
  3. Functionality
  4. Information architecture

1. UX and usability

The above-mentioned usability is an essential part of the user experience and can be translated as suitability for use“. However, it is not the same as the user experience. The usability of a website is measured by the extent to which and the form in which a product, website or app supports a user in realizing their intentions. The more efficient, simple and result-relevant the operation or use is, the higher the usability. The different user expectations, experiences and previous knowledge are also taken into account. Depending on the offer, very different target groups are addressed – from online-savvy frequent surfers to less tech-savvy occasional users. They all need to find themselves using a website or an app, they should all be offered the best possible experience, the best possible user experience.

2 UX and the user interface

However, the user interface also contributes to the user experience. The so-called user interface (
), i.e. the interface between people and technology. Aesthetics, images, colors, symbols – all of this must be inviting and harmonious. This is where our graphic designers in particular are called upon to turn a website into a beautiful, appealing, aesthetic website.

3. functionality and the user experience

But even the best looks are pointless without another immensely important factor for a positive user experience: flawless functionality. This must be easily accessible, simple, reliable and stable. As many users as possible must be able to use them, and this also means that access via all systems, formats, browsers, devices, etc. is possible. In times of increasing smartphone and tablet use, websites that cannot be operated on mobile devices, for example, do not offer good functionality and therefore an inadequate user experience. The same applies to websites that only work in Firefox or in another browser without any obstacles or that work exclusively with Flash (yes, they still exist). In addition, links or buttons must lead to the desired destination by mouse click as well as on touch displays to ensure user-friendly usability.

4. information structure and user experience

Appearance and functionality together with the
information architecture
i.e. the navigation structure via which a user can call up all the information and content that is important to them, give a well-rounded picture in terms of UX. In close coordination with project management and graphic designers, but above all with our customers, our programmers repeatedly test the full functionality from a UX perspective in an iterative process.

UX Wireframes

Utilize the potential for an optimal user experience

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