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We value good design and high quality. Professional texts are a matter of course. At E-MEDIAD, we not only want to ensure that your brochures, magazines and website look good, but also that your content is well received. Use professional texts to convey your message and provide relevant information for your readers.

Good texts help with sales

But what exactly is a professional text? Why are good texts so important in day-to-day business? Quite simply: because an informative, well-structured and attractively written text helps you to sell your products and services. Ideally, your texts will make it easier for your potential customers to make a decision. With a professionally written text, you can convince your readers of your advantages and expertise and give interested parties low-threshold access to your offer.

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Professional texts for the web

What applies in general also applies above all to the web: Texts whose purpose is to attract customers must be easy to read from start to finish and arouse “hunger” for your offer. This starts with the teaser – the “appetizer”, which is intended to whet the appetite for the whole “menu”. The small text has it all: only if it succeeds in enticing the user to click and thereby gain access to the actual content has it achieved its goal. A professionally written teaser is worth its weight in gold if you want to get visitors to your website to stay, look around and want to know more. But now it has to be exciting, the reader wants to learn something and also be entertained, and you can’t disappoint them. Your web text must now offer them exactly what they are looking for.

Professional texts for the web combine three important criteria:

  1. They are easy to read
  2. They offer relevant content
  3. You “rank” well on Google & Co.

Not that easy. In fact, good texts on the web are a real balancing act. They have to strike a balance between good readability, excitement, benefits for the user and search engine optimization. Not every text on the web can offer this. Sometimes you find texts that are easy to read but not optimized. Sometimes it’s the other way around. And you still stumble across texts from the early days of search engine optimization, stuffed with keywords to improve the ranking.

SEO-relevante Inhalte für Ihre Website

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You can also benefit from our expertise when it comes to text. After a detailed discussion, we develop a feel for which words to choose for your website or your print materials, your mailings or newsletters. We tell your story, use your quotes and vividly describe your products, projects and references. It goes without saying that we tailor the tone of voice to your company and your personality. Feel free to ask us for a professional text tailored to your needs, in which you and your company are 100 percent reflected. Give us a call (0221 949693-50) or write to us.

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