We like working with partners. Somehow the word “professional” tries to sneak in automatically. But we don’t like the term “professional partners”. It sounds so business-like, so cool, so distant, so uncreative. But that’s exactly what these great people aren’t and we’ve been working with some of them for over 15 years. Of course they are professional… but there’s no need to mention that. Their photos, texts, illustrations and concepts show that all by themselves. The most important thing for us is that they contribute creative ideas for their field, that they think along with us, that they challenge us, that we speak a common language and that we have fun working together.

Kay-Uwe is a good example of this! He is a photographer by trade. And because we can’t commission all the photo material we need for our website for time and logistical reasons, he simply showed us how it’s done. In a workshop. We’ve been going back to school a lot, we realize… from screen printing, WordPress, PHP and much more, now photography. But it’s fun! And one or two photos have already turned out quite well, we think.

But we admit openly, without envy and full of gratitude… the most beautiful photos you see on our website are those of dear Doreen. If it’s possible and she has time, we all have photos taken of her. Doreen has known us for over 15 years and knows how to get the best out of our crazy gang in a team photo shoot, for example. If necessary, even with a headbanging interlude or a windowsill dance… Don’t ask! But it helps a lot to loosen up… and besides, she just has a damn good eye for special pictures. But see for yourself. The photos speak for themselves.

You don’t see it on our own website, because we write the copy ourselves, but on a number of customer websites we are lucky enough to work with great copywriters and online editors who write great copy as a matter of course, implement the tone of voice perfectly and captivate the readership.

Concept, design, technical implementation, image, text, … round things are good. E-MEDIAD is a one-stop shop for all these things and we would like to say THANK YOU to our partners and freelancers! You keep us flexible so that we can implement projects of any size for our customers – from very small to very large projects that require specialists from a wide variety of fields.

Thanks to Doreen, Silke, Wiebke, Kirsten, Kay-Uwe, and many more. Without you, everything would only be half as nice in the truest sense of the word!